Welcome to Aviva Activators

Join the Club!

This is the home of Aviva Activators – people who want to activate change related to family and sexual violence in their communities.

An Aviva Activator uses or creates an event or opportunity to support Aviva with fundraising. By enlisting the support of their network of friends, family and colleagues, they can also share their passion for change.

The result? Funds raised for essential support services, and more people actively taking part in conversations that promote a violence-free Aotearoa New Zealand.

Activation options are endless Alexia quit sugar for a month,and Ash and Anna ran the Queenstown marathon, each getting friends to sponsor them; Grace made and sold heat bags; Livia sold bath bombs; Denis organised a music quiz; and 9Round Fitness held sausage sizzles! What can you do?

Join us and start activating change in your way, today.