Fundraising Guidelines

Here’s some guidelines for your fundraising

  • We’d love for you to undertake an activity or event which fundraises on behalf of Aviva. It’s just important to let us know. Once you’ve decided what you want to do, send us an email to let us know so we can support you, where possible, to achieve your goals! Or fill out the form here
  • Aviva does not take any responsibility for any loss associated with an independent fundraising event.
  • Your event must not in any way bring harm to others, promote the use of violence or bring Aviva into disrepute. As far as possible your event should be inclusive, accessible, not discriminate against any individual person or groups of people in any way, and support with Aviva’s values and purpose.
  • Please keep it legal! Ensure you have the right permits or permissions in place and that your event does not break any laws of New Zealand (or anywhere!).
  • Please keep it safe. Consider any risks involved in your event and how they might be mitigated. If you need help, contact us and we can help.

Use of brand & name

In your fundraising event you are welcome to advertise that you are fundraising on behalf of Aviva. However, there are some rules around the use of our brand and how you market your event:

  • When promoting your event you can use the phrase: “Proceeds go to Aviva” or similar, unless otherwise approved.
  • You must not use any of the Aviva logos without written permission from the Fundraising Manager or Marketing & Communications Manager. The use of our logos is generally limited to Aviva partners or funders and so we have very strict limitations on general community use. Please do not download our logo from the internet – we can supply better quality versions. 
  • If you are approaching businesses or funders to support your event/s, you must be in prior contact with the Fundraising Manager with a list of these to ensure no conflicts of interest arise. We’re happy to help where we can if we have a good contact that aligns with your event; the key here is communication. Let us know and we can do what we can to help your even be a success.
  • When approaching businesses or the community you must not misrepresent Aviva in any way. Your event is independent, and any solicitation of sponsorship/or support should be done in the name of the person, activity or event – not Aviva as an organisation. We are happy to provide letters of endorsement where we can and where there is adherence to our guidelines of fundraising.
  • If you’d like Aviva to participate in the event, we’d love to join if we have capacity to. Please send us a request at [email protected]. We have people here who love telling our story and why we do what we do, so we’re happy to participate in this way where we can.

Please also ensure you are familiar with our donations and privacy policies.