Donations and Privacy Policies

Donations & Privacy Policy

At Aviva we value every contribution made to the work we do here. Whether you’re donating time, money or skills, you are committing to making a difference. The following outlines our donation & privacy policies, to help you understand how we operate and what you, as one of our valued supporters, can expect from Aviva.

Where does Aviva get its money from?

The majority of Aviva’s operating budget comes from government contracts and philanthropic grants. Currently, approximately 25% of our income comes from fundraising activities. Of that fundraising income in the 2017 financial year we spent about 2% of our budget on fundraising overheads.

How is the money Aviva receives spent?

100% of funds received benefits the community in which we work.

Administration and fundraising are a core part of this work and in order to achieve financial sustainability and grow the services which we deliver we need a community of people around us who are willing to support us financially. This also means we need to ask! All activities of the organisation, including fundraising, support our vision. We do our best to keep administration costs to a minimum.

Here’s a snapshot of how people gave in 2017:

What you can expect from us?

As a charity, all monetary donations received that have a value of $5 or more are tax deductible. This means you can claim a rebate on these from 1 April each year and that we should always provide you with a receipt. You should expect receive your receipt within 3-4 working days after you have made your donation. If you misplace your receipt, we can always re-send it to you.

If you give a regular gift (for instance, by automatic payment or direct debit), your donation receipt is issued annually in line with the tax financial year (31 March). You should expect to receive your annual receipt by the end of April.

You’ll hear from us regularly about how your contributions are supporting the community via newsletters and/or email updates.

Your privacy

The information you provide to us will be kept securely and confidentially. All donations are confidential. We will never publish your name in any publication be it in print or digital without your express permission.

We will never give your information away to a third party, apart from third party providers where they are contracted to undertake work for us (for example, sending your details to a mailhouse to send direct mail on Aviva’s behalf). They will be bound by our Privacy Policy and the Privacy Act 1983.

We are PCI Compliant. This means, we store your details securely within our processing technology or on site as required by law. Your details are used only with your authorisation and only used for the transactions you want to make. No staff member ever has access to those credit card details electronically. If you have provided your details via a hard-copy form (i.e. donation slip), your details are entered into our system within 24-48 hours and destroyed securely immediately following processing. These forms are kept securely on our premise with only authorised staff able to access within locked  cabinets and rooms.

You have the right to obtain any information we may be storing about you. You can make this request, in writing, to our team on [email protected]

If you have a concern or complaint, you may make this query to our Privacy Officer.

Please make your complaint in writing addressed to:

By Post:

The Privacy Officer
PO Box 24161
Christchurch 8642

Or by email:

[email protected]