Tips for Fundraising

Putting the fun into Fundraising

Here at Aviva we are about building community. That community includes people like you who would like to fundraise for a good cause. Whether you’re someone who wants to take up a challenge or run an event, or a business or team who want do a bake sale – you’re in good company here! We’re here to support you in anyway we can but we’ve prepared these helpful tips to get you started.

Getting started

The best way to get going is to start sharing your plans with your family and friends. Tell them about what you’re doing and why, and how they can help you. Fundraising is not just about giving money – it’s also about giving time and getting people alongside you to achieve your goals. To help you gather some people around you to support you in your fundraising here’s a few tips:

  1. Share via social media + personal notes or emails.We’ve found that the best response we get is from personalised messages to people we care about telling them why what you’re doing is important. Social media posts are also important, but that personal message is far more powerful.
  2. Update your communityOn your fundraising page post updates about how your challenge is going and say thanks to people who have donated to you. That helps people to get involved in what you’re doing on day-to-day basis. For instance, you might be doing a half-marathon (go you!), so you could post about the different runs you’re doing to train, or the challenges you’re facing throughout your journey. It’s like a little blogpost to keep your supporters up-to-date.
  3. Involve your friends and family in other ways. Get people along to the challenge to support you. For instance, for a half marathon, perhaps you feel like at kilometre 14 you’re really going to need an extra boost of support so get someone along to give you some encouragement then.
  4. If you’re taking up challenge or running an event – make the first donation or buy the first ticket!
    It shows people that you’re backing yourself. Set a bold but realistic goal and stick to it. You can always change it later – if you reach your goal within a few days but you’ve got months ahead until your challenge make an even bolder goal and let people know.

Are you ready? Register your event, take part in a challenge, and get fundraising!